6 Reasons Why College Football Should Go to a Playoff System

Reason # 1. Obviously, so that we can finally have a clear cut winner, with no speculation. And it’s teams that fought hard to get there. Teams that are deserving..not some over weight powerhouse that hasn’t played a game in 2 months because they don’t play a conference championship.

Reason # 2. It would give more deserving conferences like the SEC and the Big12 a chance to get in. Thus insuring a exciting game. No more blow outs!

Reason # 3. It’s what the fans want. President elect Barrack Obama even said a 8 game เข้าสู่ระบบเว็บตรง ufabet playoff system has been long over due in college football. Let’s give the people what they want!

Reason # 4. Nobody cares about the outback bowl. Nobody cares about any of the bowls other than the BCS bowls and the title game is the only real tv draw on a weeknight. You bring in this playoff system and suddenly it’s March Madness in December. What’s more exciting then a bracket with these 8 teams in it. Florida, USC, Texas Tech, Georgia , Alabama, Oklahoma, Texas, Oklahoma ST. I wouldn’t put Penn ST. or Mizz on there but for you fans,it could happen. Then,think of the action that a 16 game system would produce. The Sweet Sixteen has never been seen like this…

Reason # 5. I’m sick of all the talking. Let’s put this to rest. No more will there be some under achiever that achieved over crying for a piece of the title. No more “co. champions.” Not that there ever was really. To my recollection they only give out one crystal ball each year. Still,I am sick of the chatter. I want to see some action.