Sell Online Games – Make Checks With Lots of Big Numbers on Them!

Sell ​​games online. For a lot of people in the gaming community, there is the exact headline that no one thought they would ever see.

But there it is and it is as beautiful as you could have imagined.

Now there is an opportunity for people all over the world to tap into the awesome potential of selling multiplayer games online. What SHOULD have been kept in reserve for only the big companies to profit from until the demand started to decline is now available to us, the players themselves, so we can enjoy the money that is made.

Imagine suddenly being able to sell games online by letting players try them out for FREE and then earn money when a certain percentage of them upgrade to paying players!

That is exactly what is happening now and the rush to become a part of it is almost comical.

In 1999, the online gaming industry generated $2.2 billion in revenue. By 2006, that figure had ballooned to $26 billion.

Watch out for the start buttons, y’all, because that same number is now projected to be $55.5 billion in 2009! These are the kinds of numbers that almost defy logic.

I recently ran a Google AdWords campaign on this very simple thing to see which ad groups I would find the most “game” in. (Sorry about the pun!)

The ad group I titled “Sell games online” performed 4,500% better than any other ad group I had, even in the online games family.

It seems that everyone has clearly recognized what is happening in front of them with online multiplayer gaming becoming the เว็บแทงบอล  big draw it was intended to be, but NO ONE anticipated that they would be allowed to cash in on it!

Now you have that ability.

But it gets even better than that if you really want to sell games online and make HUGE money doing it… the first and ONLY direct marketer of these online multiplayer games now lets people become distributors for a small fee …and they’re doing it because of what’s about to happen NEXT YEAR.