Start Em Sit Em: Week 5


Matt Ryan vs. GB: Sunday Night Football, turf, rematch, showdown. You can bet Atlanta will be fired up and ready for some revenge after last year’s drubbing in the NFC title game. So far this season Green Bay’s defense has been a victim of their offense’s success. They have given up 419, 432, 302, and 273 yards passing in 4 games this season. With Julio Jones starting to find his groove and Atlanta, like every other team, needing to keep pace with Aaron Rodgers, look for a big shoot out. Get Ryan in lineups.

Kevin Kolb @ MIN: Kevin Kolb has struggled recently, but nothing better to get a guy going than a match up with a passing defense ranked 28th overall. Look for Kolb to get a motivated Fitzgerald, playing against his childhood team, going early and often. A healthy Beanie Wells should be able to keep the defense honest and in the box while Kolb hits some long gainers on play action.

Other QBs worth starting: Josh Freeman @ SF, Alex Smith vs. TB

Ryan Fitzpatrick vs. PHI: Coming into the season, everyone believed the Eagles defense would be a juggernaut against the pass. That hasn’t entirely been the case as they lead the league in สมัคร ufabet เว็บไหนดี touchdowns given up through the air with 10. Despite that, I am recommending sitting down Fitzpatrick this week. The Eagles are also terrible against the run and Chan Gailey has already stated we should expect a very heavy dose of Fred Jackson this week. The Bills will try and keep Vick off the field by controlling the ball and with Fitzpatrick coming off of his worse game of the season, if you have a better match up, it might be a good idea to roll with them.

Matt Hasslebeck @ PIT: Pittsburgh’s defense is certainly not what it has been in the last few years, but that mostly pertains to the run. The team that usually leads the league in rushing defense every year has actually overcompensated in pass defense and flip flopped. They are currently first in the NFL in pass defense and towards the bottom in rush D. I expect the Titans to follow the Houston blue print and feed the beast. Hasslebeck only completed 10 passes last week, all he needed, but I don’t foresee the Titans airing it out much this week in Pitt.

Other QBs worth sitting: Matt Schaub vs. OAK, Ben Roethlisberger vs. TEN